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Parent Instructions

Dear Parents.

Educating a child is a joint venture between the school and the home. The management and staff are your co-partners. As we share your concerns with respect to your child's education. We request you to kindly take note of the following and co-operate with us.


  • The student should be neatly and decently dressed and must compulsorily wear Black Velcro shoes and plain white socks.
  • The student is required to wear the name tag provided everyday.
  • The student has to carry to school with a neatly labeled water bottle and a snack box. It is important that you send nutritious and wholesome snacks, kindly avoid junk food.
  • Parents are requested to converse in English with their child at home as frequently as possible.
  • Playgroup, Nursery & Jr. K.G parents please deposit a pair of clothes [labeled] for your child in case of any emergency. You can collect it at the end of the year from the class teacher.
  • A bag containing the student's work will be sent home every fortnight. Parents are required to discuss the work done with the child and sign on the reverse and return it the following working day. Also parents are encouraged to enforce concepts done at school based on the contents of this folder.


  • No child will be permitted to leave the school premises during working hours without prior permission.
  • Please inform the school about the reason and duration of your child's absence in the school diary. Strictly adhere to the rules and regulations given in the school diary concerning leave.

Fees, Book's & Uniforms

1st Term fees:

  1. New student to pay at the time of admission.
  2. Previously enrolled students to pay before the close of IInd Term of the previous year.

2nd Term fees:

  1. To be paid before the close of the Ist Term.
  2. Books & uniforms to be purchased from the school on the date intimated by the school.
  3. Uniform details : School Uniform / Winter Uniform . Teakwondo Uniform (for Sr. K.G. level only)

Punctuality & Transport:

  • Parents are responsible for authorizing person to pick-up students from the school.
  • The safety of the students traveling by other means of transport lies with the parents. The school will not be responsible.
  • Ensure that your child is punctual. The school does not take responsiblity for the students who are not dropped or picked up according to the school hours. Consistent lapse in punctuality will have to be answerable to the Principal