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General Instructions

The Diary

  • Is intended to provide information and to ensure effective communication between the School and home. Parents are invited to use the School Diary as a means of communication.
  • Students are required to bring this Diary to school each day. If a student loses the Diary a replacement may be purchased by the parents from the school office after permission from the Principal.

Student ID Card.

  • Students are issued a multipurpose laminated photo ID card which is to be worn to school each day.


  • Students must be neat in appearance and wear the regular School Uniform during School hours The School Uniform includes the Identity Card and the specified socks and shoes.
  • No student may leave the premises during School hours without prior permission.
  • Excursions for School students are an integrated part of the curriculum. All students are required compulsorily to be dressed in the School Uniform.Books, water bottles, Tiffin boxes, pencil boxes and School bags must bear the owners name. The school is not responsible for the articles lost by the students. Lost and found items are kept in the School Office and will be available for identification on the last Friday of the month.
  • Care must be taken of all School property. Students must not write on walls or furniture or carve on wood work. All breakages must be reported to the Class Teacher/Principal. The cost of repairs to School Property will be recovered from the student.
  • Students must participate in all School activities unless excused by the Principal on a written request from the Parent/guardian on medical grounds.
  • Presents to the members of the staff or other demonstrations in their honour are strictly forbidden.


  • Continuous Assessment of the Students Progress is made.
  • Promotions are decided on the basis of the student's Performance in all the assessments.
  • The decision of the Principal will be final in all cases.

Leave of Absence

  • No pupil should be absent without previously obtaining leave except in emergency.
  • If absence is through illness, a certificate of fitness must be produced on returning to School. Leave letters should be addressed to the PRINCIPAL and not to the class teacher. Under no circumstance should a parent send back a child to School after an infectious illness before he/she is completely free from infection. This must be supported by a medical certificate.
  • Attendance till the last day of a term is compulsory. Request for permission to leave before that date or extend the holiday after the commencement of a new term will be entertained only in cases of emergency. STUDENTS ABSENT ON THE LAST DAY OF A TERM OR ON THE FIRST DAY OF A NEW TERM ARE LIABLE TO BE STRUCK OFF THE ROLLS.


  • Children should be taught to respect the School Uniform, to be neat in appearance in School, while traveling to and from the School or while attending a School excursion or function in uniform.
  • Boys: Blue shorts; half sleeved yellow shirt, white socks, black leather and laced shoes.
  • Girls: Blue skirt and yellow shirt, white socks, black leather and buckled shoes. Hair to be plaited or secured by a black hair band.
  • Gym Uniform / Martial Art Uniform is to be worn as per the class timetable.
  • Black Monsoon shoes are permitted only during the rainy season

Parent Teacher Meetings and other Events

  • Parent Teacher Meetings and other events are organized to enhance the education of your child. Hence it is necessary that at least one parent is present.
  •  Continuous absence at these occasions reflects the disinterest of the parent and will be dealt by the Principal.

Excursions and Field Trips

  • To enrich the School Curriculum field trips and excursions for a day or less are planned for the students during the year.